EasyOn Privacy Protector for Surface Pro 4/5/6/7

Microsoft DFS Certified
Microsoft Designed For Surface Certified

Designed for Microsoft Surface

We're a licensed Microsoft accessories partner and this product has been Designed for Surface certified, so you can be sure it's
fully compatible and meets the design standard you expect for your Surface device.

You can see our partner status as well as all our Microsoft certified products on the Microsoft Accessory Partners website.

  • The EasyOn protects your privacy when you’re in public areas or working with sensitive data by using Micro-blind technology to limit the viewable angle of your screen to 60-degrees, so only you can see what’s on your screen and bystanders see a blank display. The ultra-thin design comes with a sleek carry case that doubles as a mousepad and features magnetic snap-on attachment to your Surface Pro, so you’re always just a snap away from privacy and security.

    • 60° viewing angle to protect your privacy
    • Magnetic snap-on design for easy installation
    • Includes slim carry case that doubles as a mousepad
    • Matte finish to reduce glare and fingerprints
    • 4H level scratch resistance
  • Microsoft DFS certified compatible with:
    Surface Pro 4
    Surface Pro 5
    Surface Pro 5 with LTE Advanced
    Surface Pro 6
    Surface Pro 7
    Surface Pro 7+

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Protect your privacy

The EasyOn protects your screen from prying eyes using micro-blind technology which limits the viewable area of your screen to 60-degrees. Only you can see what's on your screen and bystanders see a blank display.

EasyOn Privacy Protector for Surface Pro

The EasyOn Privacy Protector features a magnetic snap-on design

Magnetic snap-on design

The EasyOn attaches to your screen using magnets, making it incredibly quick and easy to install or remove as needed.

Compatible with Surface Pen and Touch

The ultra-thin design is fully compatible with both the Surface Pen and touch input so you can interact with your Surface whichever way you prefer.

EasyOn is fully compatible with Surface Pen

JCPal EasyOn Privacy Protector comes with a convenient carry sleeve

Multifunction carry sleeve

The included carry sleeve not only makes it easy to transport the EasyOn Privacy Protector but it's designed to be used as a handy non-slip mouse pad too.

High clarity

Using advanced HD display technology, the EasyOn protects your privacy while maintaining a 75% light transmittance rating so your screen stays brighter.

The EasyOn Privacy Protector has a 75% light transmittance rating