VerSkin Inclusive Keyboard Protector

  • Designed to protect your laptop from spills and improve key readability, VerSkin is the versatile companion for your device. Type confidently on your keyboard with the easy-to-read large print letters, black backing material and color-coded keys which improve key contrast and recognition, helping you find a consistent natural hand position and improve your touch typing abilities.

    • Easy-to-read bold, high contrast print
    • Color-coded zones differentiating the five key types
    • Black backing material for improved key contrast
    • Ultra-thin 0.3mm silicone material helps prevent damage from spills
  • Compatible with:
    MacBook Pro 14" 2021 Models (A2442) and 2023 M2 Models (A2779)
    MacBook Pro 16" 2021 Models (A2485) and 2023 M2 Models (A2780)
    MacBook Air 13" 2022 Models (A2681)
    MacBook Air 15" 2023 Models (A2941)

    Note: The model number can be found on the back of your device:

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The color-coded sections on the keyboard make it easier to identify the different key types

Color-Coded Keys

The keys are grouped using bold, easily recognizable colors that improve readability and make it easier to identify the different key types.

The useful color-coded key guide makes it easier to recognise the different key types

Ultra-thin and washable design

At only 0.3mm, the form-fitted VerSkin creates an ultra-thin barrier over your keyboard, protecting it from liquid spills, dust and debris. If a spill happens, it can be washed in water without affecting its fit.

Ultra thin and washable protection for your Microsoft Surface