JCPal introduces the VerSkin Inclusive Keyboard Protector, designed in collaboration with the Microsoft Devices Accessibility Team

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JCPal introduces the VerSkin Inclusive Keyboard Protector, designed in collaboration with the Microsoft Devices Accessibility Team

Enabling you to type confidently and accurately 

Vancouver, Canada (November 9, 2021) - JCPal helps Surface Laptop SE users type confidently and accurately with the release of the VerSkin Inclusive Keyboard Protector. Designed in collaboration with the Microsoft Devices Accessibility Team and facilitated by the Designed for Surface (DfS) Program, the VerSkin Inclusive Keyboard Protector is an affordable accessory that employs a visual and tactile guide to help users with diverse needs identify different key functions on the Surface Laptop SE and Laptop Go keyboards.

The VerSkin Inclusive Keyboard Protector makes it easier to navigate your keyboard with confidence thanks to the easy-to-read large print key markings and black backing material that improves key definition, readability, and contrast. Five color-coded key zones help identify major key types (consonant, vowel, number, symbol and function) and subtle tactile bumps mark corners of the letter key area to support a natural resting hand position improving touch typing abilities. Protecting your keyboard from liquid spills and debris, the VerSkin is the perfect companion to adapt your Surface Laptop SE and Laptop Go to suit your individual needs.

“As a Microsoft DfS Partner, we share the belief in the importance of enabling full access to technology for everyone. We’re delighted to expand our range of keyboard protectors to incorporate an inclusive design focused on making it easier for users with diverse needs to navigate the keyboard,” said Matt Hocking, lead designer on the project and Art Director at JCPal.

Key features:

  • Color-coded key zones differentiating consonant, vowel, number, symbol, and function key types
  • Large, bold, and high contrast key markings
  • Tactile L-shaped bumps marking the corners of the letter key area
  • Tactile dot bumps identifying Windows and Accessibility keys
  • Black backing material for improved key recognition
  • Ultra-thin 0.3mm silicone material helps prevent keyboard damage from liquid spills and debris


VerSkin Inclusive Keyboard Protector will be available on in November 2021 with an MSRP of $29.99.


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