Create Amazing

Some call it flow, others call it zen. In the focused creative state your ideas flow effortlessly. Learning the keyboard shortcuts for your software of choice is the fastest way to achieve this state, allowing you to move quickly and create with freedom.

Dive Deeper

The color-coded shortcut guide is right there at your fingertips, providing quick reference and building muscle memory, so you can look at your hands less and keep your focus on creating.

Shortcuts Galore!

The keys are color-coded by type and feature recognizable icons giving you a quick reference map of the most used functions in your software. Multi-key shortcuts are also included so you have up to 100 shortcuts at your fingertips.

Ultra-thin protection

At only 0.3mm, the form-fitted VerSkin creates an ultra-thin barrier over your keyboard, protecting it from liquid spills, dust and debris.

Washable design

Accidents happen and if you ever spill your coffee the VerSkin will help keep your laptop protected. It can be easily removed and washed with water without affecting its fit so it will always look as good as new.