Vision Anti Blue Light Glasses

Protect your eyes from damaging blue light with these high-energy wavelength screening glasses. With high quality lenses and a comfortable spherical nose design, these stylish glasses will help protect your eyes from damage and reduce eye fatigue and irritation.

  • Blocks high-energy blue light rays in the range of 400-500nm
  • Lightweight (22.5 grams) and flexible
  • Comfortable for long periods of use

Note: These are not prescription lenses

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  • Anti Blue Light Glasses help protect your eyes from damage

    What is blue light?

    Blue light is a range of high-energy visible light (400-500nm) which has been shown to cause macular degeneration. This type of light is emitted by LCD displays like computer monitors, televisions, tablets and smart phones, and can not only increase the rate of macular degeneration but also eye fatigue, dryness and irritation.

  • Size

    Vision Anti Blue Light Glasses Dimensions